Have You Tried Almond Oil For Hair With Fatty Acids?
July 23, 2013 Remedies
Almond Oil For Hair

by Helena Jacoba under CC BY


Do you dream of having strong, nourished and vibrant hair? Hair that boasts such smoothness and health that even strangers approach you to say ‘Wow, your hair looks gorgeous!’

For most of us, we have likely spent far more money than we would like to admit to on hair products that promise dream hair overnight. The result? Often disappointment!

But I hear you say, almond oil for hair? Is it not just another empty promise? I know almonds are full of essentials minerals and vitamins; they surely enhance the taste of my salads! What though are the benefits for my hair? Will it really make a difference?

The answer is simple – yes! Read on to learn about using this gift of nature to look, feel and smell amazing!

What Can This Home Remedy Do For My hair?

Hair growth with Almond Cold-Pressed Oil


  • This product has a high nourishing ability resulting in hair that is smoother with less tendency to split.
  • Used on a regular basis almond essential oil will give a healthy lustre to the hair, giving it a compliment-worthy full bodied vibrance.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties. Massaged into the scalp this oil will help prevent itching and discomfort.
  • Combined with gooseberry juice, this sweet oil works a miracle in preventing dandruff.
  • It can save you money on perfume! Yes, use this natural oil that smells sweet, fresh and very appealing!
  • It works hard to strengthen the hair, encouraging length, thickness and incredible shine.
  • Proven to be a very effective treatment for hair loss, it strengthens hair at the root encouraging the hair to be stronger with a lower tendency to fall out.

‘I’m sold!’ I can hear you say, ‘I want to try this natural product on my hair! How do I use it though? Are there any guidelines?’

Don’t panic! If you want to use this pure oil that looks, feels and smells amazing it isn’t hard to do. However, using this natural product the correct way will ensure that your hair receives all the benefits. So here it comes, how to use almond oil for this purpose:

  • Start the process with clean, wet hair.
  • Place a few teaspoons of this oil in a bowl over warm water to allow the oil to warm up.
  • Now take your time with the distribution! Dip your fingers into the bowl and run them from your roots to tips.
  • Once you are sure that the oil is evenly distributed wrap the hair in a warm towel or shower cap and let the oil work its magic.
  • After about one hour wash the sweet oil off.
  • Use almond pure oil at least once a week to benefit fully from the benefits.
  • The final step? Take a moment to admire how great your hair looks, smells and feels!

So now you know that it’s not just raw almonds that are little nuggets of minerals, vitamins for hair and health. Leave those chemical hair products on the shelf and treat yourself to almond cold-pressed oil that feels, smells and looks amazing! Why? Because your hair is worth it!

Do not forget to check also benefits of castor oil and pure Shea Butter for the same purpose!

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