Natural Baldness Cure: Supplements, Oils And You

Baldness Cure

Shea Butter by Ghana Decides under CC BY


Male pattern baldness has been a problem plaguing families for generations. The loss of one’s hair can lead to depression, mid life crises, or even fits of denial and rage. Society views bald men that don’t elect to be so by shaving their own heads as something of a disease. Women tend to avoid them, employers may not hire them because they worry about their confidence level, and all around people just avoid balding men. But there is still hope! Baldness cure may abound in the late night commercial circuits, telling people that if they spend vast amounts of money on their very specific product, they can have their hair back in mere weeks!

But the truth of the matter is, there are many natural home remedies that can both help keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss, as well as stimulate hair growth to help regrow lost hair and avoid the fall into the terrible category of balding men.

Brahmi Hair Oil


There are many types of natural oils out there that can help aid in the search for a baldness cure. Everything from pure castor oil for hair and almond oil, right down to the olive oil most people have in their kitchen can actually help fight off baldness. The secret to a good oil is the fatty acids and protein chains that exist within the oil itself.

These proteins and acids actually help produce sebum, a natural type of oil that our body makes to help keep our scalp moist and our hair growing at a healthy rate. Combine that with the protein actually providing the base cells to stimulate hair regrowth itself, and these oils almost act as a miracle cure for baldness for anyone suffering today.

Baldness prevention: By using an oil such as almond oil for hair, Shea butter or vitamins like biotin, you can actually help keep your scalp moist and prevent it from drying out. When a scale dries out, it is more likely to lose hair from male pattern baldness. So by proactively using an oil on your hair, you can help slow down or even prevent hair loss while also growing back already lost hair.

While not as effective as preventing hair loss in the first place, the use of oils can and will help hair to regrow back on a balding scalp. Not only will hair regrowth occurs, but by continuing oil treatments on the new hair, one can actually strengthen it and make it much less likely to fall out again, preventing further baldness.

The use is very simple as well. Simply heat your chosen oil until warm, and then gently massage it into your scalp, making sure to work it all the way down around the roots of your current hair. Warm oil helps stimulate the infected hair follicles more quickly, so the treatment works quicker. Just make sure not to make it too hot, you don’t want it burning up your hair. Just a nice, lukewarm oil will do the trick. And with something as common as oil, why not start out by trying it today?

These natural essential oils, home remedies and dietary supplements helped to a lot of people and can help you.