Castor Oil For Hair: Benefits and Uses
June 22, 2013 Remedies

Castor Oil For Hair

Natural pure castor plant oil was been used for centuries as a remedy for a number of different ailments. As a child, I remember being forced to take a tablespoon of this remedy every single day and I was told that it would help me grow and keep me healthy.

In those days the numerous health benefits of this essential oil had not even been researched, but mothers around the world were using it to boost their children’s immune systems without even knowing it. Today, we know much more about this supplement and its amazing benefits, especially with regards to maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.

Taking this supplement orally will improve the strength and elasticity as a hair grows. However, the oil can also be applied directly to the scalp and hair.

Applying this product in its pure form will improve the overall shine and health of the hair. However, this is not always recommended as it can result in an oily scalp and greasy hair. It is best to use cold-pressed oil that has been combined with other substances to increase effectiveness and prevent oil from building up. If you are using the pure form of this oil on your hair, make sure that you wash hair thoroughly after the treatment period is over.

Essential Oils for hair

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Look for moisturizing treatments like conditioners or hot oil hair treatments that contain castor essential oil. You should be able to find these at your local pharmacy or even at a natural health shop. Once again, it is important not to use these treatments too often to prevent oily hair. Using the products about once a week should be sufficient.

For the best results, apply the treatments after washing your hair, while the hair is still wet. Castor oil for hair seals in moisture, preventing the hair from becoming dry and brittle. This will also allow this “gift of nature” to be better absorbed by the hair shaft, resulting in smooth hair with no split ends and damage repair.

This is also a great remedy for frizzy hair. Hair that is soft and moist is less likely to react to climatic conditions such as humidity, wind and heat, all of which can cause hair to become frizzy. Your hair color should appear more vibrant and have more depth after your treatment.

Take the time to give yourself a good scalp massage when applying the treatment containing castor oil, these instructions you can find at Essential Oils Academia. One of the properties of this oil is that it improves circulation to the scalp which in turn stimulates hair regrowth. Regular applications can help renew growth and counteract hair loss.

To top off the advantages of Jamaican castor black oil, this unique substance is also antibacterial and antifungal. These two qualities can prevent and alleviate scalp conditions such as dandruff, folliculitis and fight micro-organisms that cause hair loss.

If you are suffering from any type of hair condition or if you just want your hair to look and feel fantastic you really should give Jamaican black oil a try.

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