Shea Butter For Hair (Shea Karité Nut)
November 28, 2013 Remedies
Shea Butter For Hair

A natural way to get your hair to look and feel great all the time is by using Shea butter for hair. Many women will spend thousands of dollars on hair care products that do absolutely nothing to improve their hair. Below you will find little known facts and several tips on how to best use this natural remedy as well.

It is not a hair conditioner. It does not contain the nutrients to keep hair from becoming dry and brittle. What it does, is sealed in the conditioner or moisturizer that you use.

This product should not be used alone. It can cause hair to become brittle and break. Also, do not apply it to dry hair. There needs to be moisture in the hair for the Shea butter to seal in.

It comes in different grades. The lower grades can be less expensive, but obviously the quality is lower as well. Try to get the highest quality butter that you can afford. It greatly increases your chances of having your hair braid outs and twist outs turn out look fabulous!

Tips On Using This Natural Remedy

One super easy tip to getting the most out of your treatment is to apply your favorite water based conditioner after wetting the hair. Using your hands, run a little melted coconut oil through the hair to add extra moisture. Then apply the Shea butter for your hair and twist or braid it.

This is a tried and true method of getting the softest plumpest looking twist out ever. They will be shiny and supple, not dry brittle twists.

The really important point is to apply it over the top of a leave-in conditioner or wet hair. By doing this you will be sealing in the moisture and conditioning properties of the product you’re using.

Step By Step Application Of This Butter On Hair:

  • 1. Wet your hair or apply your favorite leave-in conditioner. You can make your own moisturizers as there are tons of recipes on the net. Keep in mind that what works for one person’s hair may not work for another person. Don’t be afraid to try different things or even multiple products at one time.
  • 2. Divide the hair into sections that are easy to work with. This makes it easier to get two things done at one time. (You will be twisting or braiding the hair after the following steps are completed.)
  • 3. Warm this butter to make it liquid. You can do this in the microwave, on the stove top or just by using the hands to rub it together. If you are using your hands, put just enough in your palm to work with one section at a time.
  • 4. After you’ve applied this supplement, this is when you twist or braid your hair (in that section) and tie it up out of the way. You can add more this butter or coconut oil to your fingers as you twist. This helps a great deal, particularly when it’s extra dry.

Repeat these steps until all of the hair is treated and put up. Leave it in this condition for at least half an hour. You can go longer, say, overnight if you want softer curls.

Using this natural home remedy is a long proven process of getting the best looking and feeling curls, twists and braid outs. By knowing exactly what this supplement is, how it works and how to use it, you can create your own perfect personal hair care treatment.

1. It contains a rich amount of unremovable fatty acid, which render it far superior to cocoa butter and other natural vegetable butters. This fatty is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin.
2. It provides all the essential vitamins needed to make skin look and feel smoother, softer and most importantly, healthier.
3. Its therapeutic properties protect the skin from wind, cold, sun and it helps heal wounds faster.
4. It stimulates cellular activity, fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, damaged skin.

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